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Type 44

Camfil Farr Type 44 high-velocity air filters are cleanable, low pressure-drop, permanent panels for industrial and commercial applications.

All standard Type 44 air filters include:

  • A 16-gauge galvanized steel frame capable of withstanding the rigors of many system removals and filter replacements during standard maintenance cycles
  • A media formed of alternate layers of flat and herringbone- crimp galvanized steel screen offering more than 90% efficiency on particles 10-micron and larger
  • Flush mitered corners for safe handling and easy installation into filter tracks
  • Reinforced internal steel rods to assure filter pack integrity at varying airflows
  • Permanent media-to-frame fasteners to assure filter integrity after repeated handlings and cleanings

Additional variations are available as follow:

  • Type 44H - Includes bail handles on long dimensions of filter
  • Type 44G - Specific to grease removal applications (non-oiled only)
  • Type 44R* - Includes additional layer of expanded metal on air-entering and air-exiting sides
  • Type 44HG - Grease application with handles
  • Type 44HGE* - Grease application with expanded metal on handle side only
  • Type 44 MZ* - Hot-dipped galvanized frame and zinc finished media for maritime applications
  • Type C4C4* - Red brass frame with bronze media for maritime applications and water mist elimination
  • Type S4S4* - Stainless steel media and frame
  • Type M4M8* - Four layers of monel 18-mesh media in monel frame
  • Type A4A4 - Aluminum media and frame
  • Type 48* - 18 mesh screen
  • Type 68* - Six layers, per inch, of 18-mesh screen
  • Type 44-68 - includes a 2" section of Type 44 media followed by 2" of Type 68 media in 4" depth panel

* Not available in a 1" panel droplet efficiency at 1200 cfm.